RossoKorsa Rio2020 KZ Shifter Kart Chassis

$4,999.00 $3,999.00


The RossoKorsa Chassis line is all about performance. This Shifter kart Chassis is well balanced and easy to setup. It will out perform the competition on any track. The RossoKorsa Rio2020 Chassis Comes equipped with Hi-Tech components, Innovative adjustable castor camber system and state of the art brake system that provides optimal braking. This Shifter kart Chassis is easy to adapt to any driving style.  

RossoKorsa RIO2020 KZ Shifter Kart Chassis:


Tube diameter: 30/32mm

Wheelbase: 104.5mm

Steering Wheel 340mm Black

Seat: MoreCollage 

Front Torison bar 

Caster and Camber Adjustment

Chain Guard

Adjustable Silencer Support 

Machined Aluminum components

Axle 50 mm

comes with either Aluminum or Magnesium Rims