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CRS Motori A1 125cc Tag Kart Engine

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A1 125cc tag kart engine was designed like the CRS G1 to be durable and fast with no wasted material. It is designed with the fuel pump on the outside. Although the 125cc tag kart engine is water-cooled by being on the outside the air allows the fuel to be cooled as it enters the motor allowing better exchange for maximum performance. 

The A1 125cc Tag Kart Engineis Built to WIN so why not invest in a motor that will give you the tools to be the best of the best.

A1 Specifications:

125CC Water Cooled

Electric Start

Max Bore 56.06

Stroke 50.62

Nickel Seal Cylinder

5 Ports / 3 Exhaust Ports

30 HP

Comes complete with:

Vevey Style Exhaust

Battery box


Fuel Pump

Dellorto VHSH 30mm Carburator

Motor Mount


To ensure maximum performance of the engine original parts must be used