CRS Motori G1 125cc Shifter Kart Engine



The G1 125cc Shifter is designed with a completely innovative cooling system. The water does not cross the shield around the engine driving shaft, but enters at the cylinder base and comes out, after compulsory path, from the head. The way this motor has been built allows for a maximum thermal exchange.

Between the gear and the pump sheild an air path has been created; this enters from the front, passes between the two blocks and exits from the top under the cylinder preventing the heat to be dispersed between them. In this way the pump shield and the fuel system are kept cooler and the advantage can be appreciated particularly when it is very hot outside. New gear primary ratio for greater starting acceleration.

New concept gear selector. Movement of the same in the central part of the engine allows eliminating all assembly problems on different brand of chassis. Gear insertion is faster and smoother. Lever stroke is shorter.

This engine is equipped with excellant thrust at low and high speeds 

Comes With:

Exhaust and silencer


Fuel Pump

Dellorto VHSH 30mm Carburator

Motor Mount

To ensure maximum performance of the CRS G1 125cc Shifter Engine original parts must be used